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Join Doug Goolsby for a weekly tour of the seven Celtic Nations on BlueRootsRadio. Each show will be a different journey to lands far away and your own backyard.

Doug interviewing Daniel Gillespie of Skerryvore
Doug interviewing Daniel Gillespie of Skerryvore
Be sure to tune in Aug 16 & 17 to hear from interviews Doug had at the Dublin, OH Irish Festival.

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32 thoughts on “The Celtic Stream

  1. Oh, to be on Cape Breton, now that the leaves have fallen and the musicians have returned. The Celtic Colors festival is starting and the island will have concerts and activities all over. Sure wish I could be there…..since I can’t the next Celtic Stream will have lots of music from the people who will be attending. This show has been another “voyage of discovery” for me and my music collection.

  2. Lot’s of new music for next week’s show. Scottish band Runrig celebrated their 40th Anniversary at the “Party On the Moor” at the Muir of Ord in Scotland this summer. When researching I discovered Sharon Corr of the Corrs (think “Breathless” in the late 90’s) was a great fiddler and not just a pretty face! Washington Irving is now living as a Scottish band. It seems like every week I find more to like about Celtic Eclectic.

  3. I like the eclecticity of this week’s show. Getting to catch the last half hour I was rudely interrupted from hearing Saturday due to phone calls and door bell rings.

  4. @Doug: Gospel groups have longevity. I’m thinking The Blind Boys of Alabama. There are groups like The Stones (a miracle if there ever was one to still be around) but they aren’t working regularly like the Celtic bands are they?

  5. I was putting together the next Celtic Stream show and saw that Capercaillie is celebrating their 30 year anniversary this year. Runrig had a big party celebrating their 40th. The Chieftains are even older. Unlike most bands in Mainstream music that have success, it seems like good Celtic bands just keep on going. Instead of breaking up after a couple of successful albums, those bands play on. They’re more like a favorite sports team. The players may not be the same ones that you knew as a kid, but the “team spirit” is still there, and hearing or seeing them is a “now” experience. Not an oldies tour by groups trying to pay for their retirement. They play songs about people who lived hundreds of years ago as if it’s news.

  6. I’m off to Columbus (the one in Indiana) today for the Columbus Scottish Festival. I’ve got the kilt on, there’s not much wind so I won’t be frightening children. It’s always fun to go to festivals. I always find something new. There are bands I haven’t heard, so new music to enjoy. There’s also family, friends and beer. A combination to savor!

  7. I do have an external drive that Time Machine backs up to. I didn’t know if I was more worried about the Music Library and the new tunes I got or if it was the thought of the Mac becoming “the Late Mac”.

    1. @CelticDoug: I know that feeling. My first iMac, like yours, went over the rainbow about 3 years ago I’m guessing. Just keep your Time Machine intact. If your backup drive is getting hinkey, replace it! Hint: Costco. 😉

  8. Found some great music I hadn’t heard before. Started putting together Show #3 and was feeling good until I logged back onto my computer thins evening and got an Error Message: My music library could not be recovered!!!!!!! After about 40 minutes of panic and a real sense of Doom, I found out that it wasn’t so much my library, as it was that (Little Black Rain)Cloud hovering over me. Whew!! All is good…especially the new music I found.

  9. It’s been a confusing couple of days! Chris and I mixed signals, then I discovered an error when I was 4 hours from home. Darn that technology stuff! I think we good to go and the new show will be on the air soon. I think that the range of music styles that I feel come under the Celtic/World/Traditional/Fusion label has so much to choose from I’m just going to start referring to it as “Celtic Eclectic”

  10. Tuned in late last night. Couldn’t sleep and decided to do some painting (not art, walls). Your show sounded great, and lively enough to help stave off fatigue! Looking forward to the next edition.

    1. @Cat Chew: I’m never that ambitious at that time of day. Glad you enjoyed it. I’m starting to enjoy putting it together. And more and more music seems to be comming my way. I’m looking forward to meeting lot of new peoople.

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