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Join Doug Goolsby for a weekly tour of the seven Celtic Nations on BlueRootsRadio. Each show will be a different journey to lands far away and your own backyard.

Doug interviewing Daniel Gillespie of Skerryvore
Doug interviewing Daniel Gillespie of Skerryvore
Be sure to tune in Aug 16 & 17 to hear from interviews Doug had at the Dublin, OH Irish Festival.

Post questions and comments for Doug here or Contact ✆ The Celtic Stream

32 thoughts on “The Celtic Stream

  1. I’m on 2 weeks of ‘annual leave’ right now, and it becomes official on the 28th. Maybe we’ll have a get together that weekend. In the meantime you can stop by after school, or Joan’s going to Akron with Nina for an Artists Workshop on the 25th and gets back Friday night.

  2. It’s day two since I left the Post Office, and it still feels kind of strange….I made a big list of chores and projects. I still haven’t been able to tell myself that I don’t have to hurry and get them done before I go back to work. I’m going to have to practice this.

    I’ll put in on my list, right after “Practice the Bagpipe music for St. Patrick’s Day”.

  3. @Doug: Just for that I’m putting you in charge of the Christmas music this year. I will be playing my usual 2 holiday tunes so you better not beat me to the punch….unless it’s spiked.

  4. I told myself all week long. Don’t rush Christmas, we’re not one of those “all Christmas music, all day, every day” starting the day after Halloween. Then I couldn’t help it. It started snowing and I had to add the third Christmas tune in next weeks show. At least I haven’t given in and started shopping.
    The forecast for next week: As cold as a mortgage lender’s heart.

  5. Just because I had so much work to do (and so many problems getting it done) I didn’t have time to research an off-beat new theme for Show #7. As it turns out, the theme is: “Hey! That’s a song I Like….”

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