Science/Technology – June 2019

While human behavior grows at less than a snail’s pace, technology continues to explode exponentially.

The major problem is senior members in government tend to be ignorant of the possibilities and problems with new technologies emerging by the nanosecond.

Here we try to keep track of them as best as we can.

Can Biden just bide his time to the nomination?

Will Uncle Joe’s popularity carry him to the General Election?

You could say Democrats now find themselves in a hot mess or in the best of all possible worlds.

I’ve been a Democrat all my life and realize that every election is like this to some degree because this is what happens in a “big tent” party.

While Republicans used to say they needed to grow their tent to attract more non-white, non-straight, non-male and non-rich voters, Democrats in the modern era are faced with the problem of trying to satisfy the diverse makeup of its motley crew. This is why Republicans don’t want to diversify their party because if they did, they would lose their great strength of being able to make the party march in lockstep behind their candidate. I used to think eventually the GOP would break from its irrational solidarity, but no longer because any party that can be 90% for Trump is no longer a party but a cult.

It takes a fair amount of effort to understand where the Democratic Pary is at this point in the 2020 Election cycle. If you follow politics and government closely you will have a different view than the majority of voters who either don’t have the time or just don’t like to follow politics. I can’t blame the second group because to keep up with politics today you have to wade through an ocean of media bullshit that focuses on reporting on problems rather than spotlighting solutions. To be honest, it’s depressing.

Watch an hour of cable news on any channel and the majority of the time will be spent talking about problems facing the Democratic Party. Show hosts and reporters are always looking for controversy between Democrats in government or candidates on the trail or how they are being attacked by Trump. You really can’t blame anyone for not wanting to spend their precious free time watching or listening to all the negativity about their party.

I believe this is why the “average” voter likes Biden. They don’t care about Anita Hill or the Hyde Amendment or the 1994 Crime bill, they just know Biden has been around a long time. They know Biden is a fighter, was Obama’s VP and when they do see him on TV he sounds sane, full of confidence and in a way that sounds like common sense. In other words, he makes them feel comfortable and safe.

While the progressives and the more radical wing of the Democratic Party get most of the headlines in the papers and lead stories in cable news shows, the majority of Democratic Party’s voters are elsewhere worrying about living in a mean economy just trying to stay afloat. This fact is the best thing Biden has going for him and why the smart challengers are taking their campaigns to the redder, more middle Zip Codes in an effort to meet Biden voters face-to-face to pitch their ideas.

It’s a fool’s errand to make predictions about the 2020 Election but it seems to me the battle to best Biden will be won by the candidate who can connect to his base and educate them to the reality that America needs a President with a more forward vision of the future. Joe Biden has 2 strikes in his attempt to hit a home run to the White House. Despite all his positive qualities one of them is not longevity in presidential races.

That being said, remember, it was Biden who got out in front of Obama on the same sex marriage issue. We tend to forget that. Can we keep an objective focus?

We shall see.