Daily Blog March 2020

This month is “make it or break it” for Presidential candidates with Super Tuesday on the 3rd being the main determiner.

It’s time for the over-crowded clown show that has repeated too many times for the Democrats to come to an end. The big question is will it be the will of the people who pick their candidate to face Trump or a small group of well-connected insiders with ties to Wall Street and billionaires?

The “Special” post I started last month on Bernie will continue to be updated until the results of Super Tuesday are in. My goal was go gather a good sample of stories to counter the blatant bashing of the M$M by reporters, pundits and everyone else so dependent on the status-quo machine, that they will repeatedly make complete fools of themselves in an attempt to control the narrative. It’s been encouraging to see them fail.

Time to start thinking about a garden.