Daily Blog March 2020

This month is “make it or break it” for Presidential candidates with Super Tuesday on the 3rd being the main determiner.

It’s time for the over-crowded clown show that has repeated too many times for the Democrats to come to an end. The big question is will it be the will of the people who pick their candidate to face Trump or a small group of well-connected insiders with ties to Wall Street and billionaires?

The “Special” post I started last month on Bernie will continue to be updated until the results of Super Tuesday are in. My goal was go gather a good sample of stories to counter the blatant bashing of the M$M by reporters, pundits and everyone else so dependent on the status-quo machine, that they will repeatedly make complete fools of themselves in an attempt to control the narrative. It’s been encouraging to see them fail.

Time to start thinking about a garden.

Special: What Bernie Sanders is and isn’t

As I posted previously most of the reaction to Sanders is based on the hyperventilating by pundits/show hosts on the corporate media fearful of losing their 7 figure salaries that has been granting them access to the world of the elites.

Anand Giridharadas on Twitter

@BernieSanders’s victory in Nevada is historic not just for his campaign. It is historic because it suggests that we may be living at an inflection point in our democratic life together. That we may be paddling through a bend in the river of history. https://t.co/OxlQaqwHHF

The reality of Sanders’ political views is not what they are regurgitating on cable news. The reality is Sanders’ spin on democratic socialism would be mainstream in say France or Germany where it’s just accepted as a component of the political landscape, but Sanders’ views are his own and in no way align with communists or radical socialists.

Are these views too radical for you?

  • Putting an end to foreign wars
  • Reduce the military budget
  • Expand Medicare for everyone
  • Abolish the Death Penalty
  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences
  • Eliminate private prisons
  • Cancelling student debt
  • Eliminate the Electoral College
  • Ban fracking
  • Break up agribusiness

This is not a radical revolutionary agenda. It is revolutionary in that it would take control of our government out of the hands of the uber rich.

Sanders is not a radical socialist, radical socialists want to:

  • nationalize the banks, Sanders does not
  • nationalize the fossil fuel industry, Sanders does not
  • nationalize the arms industry, Sanders does not
  • criminally prosecute the financial elites who trashed our economy, Sanders does not
  • prosecute the politicians who lied us into preemptive wars which were anything but and resulted in the death of millions costing us $5-7T, Sanders does not
  • call for worker ownership of factories and business, Sanders does not
  • call for an end to capitalism, Sanders does not

Also it’s good to know Sanders:

  • Does’t promise to halt the govt’s wholesale surveillance of the public
  • Will not punish companies who move manufacturing overseas
  • Believes the political system, including the Democratic Party can be reformed from within
  • Does not support sustained mass civil disobedience to bring down the system as the only hope of halting climate change

When you take in all of this, Sanders is not radical at all, he’s more of an enlightened moderate making all the vicious attacks against him absolutely disingenuous. That’s because they are. Be smarter than they are, argue the facts not the fears of those in the media of losing a very cushy lifestyle.

Source: The New Rules of The Game