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Michele on other shows:

6.15.2011 – Shall On BlogTalk Radio – Thrive Teachers with Michele Happe

Episode 37 – On this episode of Happe Talk Michele speaks with Jackie Eberstein RN about the Low Carb High Fat way of eating also called Ketogenic. We focus on this way of eating for the Post menopausal woman. Jackie shares her own experience as well as a wealth of scientific information about hormones, body image, and nutrition. She presents excellent information for the newbie to keto as well as for the experienced fat adapted woman (and man).
Runtime: 61 mins

Episode 36 – In this short podcast I talk about basic Buddhist Principles I use in my coaching practice to promote happiness in our lives.
Runtime: 13:39

Episode 35 – How do you deal with change? Learn how you can cope with change with Michele Happe in this Happe Chat.
Runtime: 04:34

Episode 34 – Detachment Of A Loved One Particularly An Oppositional Teen with Michele Happe.
Runtime: 06:58

Episode 33 – Dealing with arrogance is the discussion of this episode of Happe Chat Be well.
Runtime: 04:17

Episode 32 – In this Happe Chat Michele tells us the differences and distinqtions between codependency and compassion. Be well.
Runtime: 04:17

Episode 31 – In this Happe Chat Michele speaks about anger, how to recognizie, accept and resolve it. See http://mhappe.com for more. Be well.
Runtime: 04:57

Episode 30 – In this Happe Talk Minute Michele discusses relationships, how to keep them healthy and fix them when they need help. See http://mhappe.com for more. Be well.
Runtime: 03:56

Episode 29 – Michele and guests Lisa Turner and James Dilworth discuss what it’s like to be an introvert and be happy.
Runtime: 49:15

Episode 28 – Childbirth, birth options, trauma, circumcision, induction of labor and breast feeding issues are the topics this month w/ guests from the Truckee Meadows Birth Network.
Runtime: 46:26

Episode 27 – This Happe Talk we talk about menopause with Carol Mallory, nurse practitioner who specialized in issues related to menopause. Also hear from women who want to share their experiences
Runtime: 38:58

Episode 26 – Melissa and Liz shared their experiences with being adopted. Producer Michele also chimed in as she too was adopted. All had very different experiences.
Runtime: 46:49

Episode 25 – This show’s topic is sexual abuse. Michele speaks with a mother who found out both daughters had been molested by their father. He is still allowed by law, visitation. Be well.
Runtime: 48:01

Episode 24 – This month Michele and guests discuss autism spectrum, specifically Aspergers Syndrome. Be well.
Runtime: 45:20

Episode 23 – Michele’s KJFK show from Jan 29, 2012 with Dr. Ed Lynn. It was a great show with tons of info about depression, borderline, medication, and a little Buddhism thrown in by Michele. Be well.
Runtime: 46:57

Episode 22 – Michele’s guest is author and comedienne Zoe Kessler who talk about Zoe’s Attention Deficit Disorder with the help of Kat Simmons and other callers. Give a listen. Be well.
Runtime: 44:06

Episode 21 – Michele’s guest is author and comedienne Zoe Kessler who talk about Zoe’s Attention Deficit Disorder with the help of Kat Simmons and other callers. Give a listen. Be well.
Runtime: 44:06

Episode 20 – Michele inteviews American born Buddhist Lama Tsering Everest of the Vajrayana school. They discuss karma, reincarnation and how Lama Tsering came to Buddhism and became a lama. Give a listen. Be well.
Runtime: 46:32

Episode 19 – Michele interviews Ed Lynn MD who illuminates us about psychiatry, diagnosis and addiction issues.
Runtime: 36:49

Episode 18 – Michele interviews “Jane” who was essentially held as a sex slave for 5 years by her teacher and coach. She was 14 when it began and got out at 19
Runtime: 47:18

Episode 17 – This podcast is from Michele’s first solo show on Reno radio 1230. Because it has commercial content it is not available on iTunes
Runtime: 56:58

Episode 16 – Michele’s guest is Zoe Kessler a freelance writer and standup comedienne who discusses her discovery at 47 she had ADHD.
Part 1

Episode 15 – Michele discusses the roles of spirituality, religion and psychology in treating addiction with Alex Muendel of Owen Sound Ontario.
Part 1

Episode 14 – Michele discusses The Junction of Political Awareness and Mental Health
Part 1

Part 2

Episode 13 – Scheduled guest Paul Day aka Billy Bob Neck noted lesbian-vampire-outer was unexpectedly detained. Michele used the time to explain how she uses Buddhist techniques to treat addiction. Paul Day in 2nd segment.

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 12 – In this first of a series of podcasts Michele explains psychological delusion and delusion and as defined by Buddhists, a condition we all have and have to work to overcome.

Part 1

Episode 11 – This epsidoe Michele interviews Ya Think? panel member cent aka Centerista. You may know cent as the well informed and eloguent speaker of the panel but his life story will surprise and inspire you.

Part 1

Episode 10 – Michele’s guest is Paul Murad candidate for Lt. Governor of Nevada, but the show is not about politics. This story of sone born in the former Soviet Union who able to come to the U.S due to academics and a very lucky break.

Part 1

Episode 9 – Michele’s guest this week is Mary Alden-Allard. Mary relates her experience of having a premature baby while on vacation on the other side of the country. Turns out the insurance experience may have caused the most trauma.

Part 1

Episode 8 – Rick Staggenborg is back this time to talk about Soldiers for Peace International a network linking various peace organizations around the world dedicated to ending war.

Part 1

Episode 7 – Michele’s guest this week is Brad Pastro. Brad has lived through the nightmare of being charged by the government (IRS) unjustly and almost went to jail.

Part 1

Episode 6 – Samsara, or living in the human realm, goes hand in hand with suffering. In this mini episode Michele discusses why suffering is not only inevitable but necessary. Find out why.

Part 1

Episode 5 – Michele’s guest is Jeff Rupp who is very active on the Internet working with folks in recovery, but especially kids. Michele and Jeff talk about addiction, treatment, kids and Jeff’s new book in this hour long discussion.

Part 1

Episode 4 – Michele’s guest is Sarah Jones a twice surrogate mother who just currently happens to be pregnant. In this hour you will learn the medical, social and psychological aspects of surrogacy.

Part 1

Episode 3 – Michele’s guest is Rick Staggenborg, candidate for Senate in Oregon. Rick is a psychiatrist by trade and has a fascinating life story which he shares with Michele in this hour. They cover many facets of science and religion, especially where they all intersect. You’ll want to listen to this episode with someone because it will certainly spark something inside you you’ll want to discuss.

Part 1

Episode 2 – A reprise of Michele’s interview with comedian, actor, radio talk show host and podcaster Marc Maron. Learn how Marc came to gripes with is addiction and the “crowd of voices” that led him to his battle with drugs and alcohol.

Part 1

Episode 1 – Michele’s guest is Lorelle Chorkey. Lorelle was the victim of a violent crime who survived an attempted murder. Her husband did not. Lorelle relates the event and the recovery and has not only recovered but is willing to help others who have survived drastic circumstances and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that certainly follows. It’s an hour you will never forget.

Part 1

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