It’s a real mess out there vol. 1

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I’m back as you can tell. I’m flip=flopping back into posting the relevant stories I find and trying to emphasize positive stories or at least stories that point to a brighter, safer future.

I’ve added some new sources from Anand Giridhardas and David Sirota into the usual mix from The Correspondent, The Guardian, The Intercept, The Nation, The New Republic, Rolling Stone, Current Events and Jacobin and more.

Biden/Harris 2020

Trump/Pence Dustbin of History

Daily Blog for August 2020

Stories on or under the headlines for Aug 21-31

  • Now that the Democratic Convention is over, I’m taking a “news-cation” for the rest of the month. For the best daily news brief anywhere check out the AM Quickie. 7-9 minutes of the most important stories of the day delivered in fun but factual way.