It’s a real mess out there vol. 1

While taking my “newscation” from posting daily stories I stumbled upon around the internet, I decided it was time to change the formula. Why? There are just too many good daily newsletters, news briefs and established websites and it’s both vain and futile to think something could be done better here.

Also I’ve enjoyed having more time to work on my self-improvement projects during the early morning hours before sunrise. So, going forward I’ll be posting things I find are really insightful and beneficial instead of what stupid shit Trump or his lackeys/followers did in the past 24 hours.

I’ll continue to hope others will share stuff they find but knowing full well in these times of Twitter and Facebook, those platforms have sucked up most of the blog traffic.

Our future hasn’t been this dire since the 2008 collapse, WWII, the Great Depression and the Civil War. Once again we’re at a point where nothing in the past is a sure fix for the problems we now face. So, the new solutions will be the kinds of stories I’ll be posting as I stumble upon them.

Biden/Harris 2020

Trump/Pence Dustbin of History

Daily Blog for August 2020

Stories on or under the headlines for Aug 21-31

  • Now that the Democratic Convention is over, I’m taking a “news-cation” for the rest of the month. For the best daily news brief anywhere check out the AM Quickie. 7-9 minutes of the most important stories of the day delivered in fun but factual way.