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Now that baby-brat has stretched his temper tantrum terror into the longest government shutdown ever, we find with each new day the effects it is having on people who are supposed to get through it by simply making adjustments.  Tell that to:

  • Veterans already on the edge with PTSD having to worry about supporting their families
  • Native Americans on reservations totally dependent on government support
  • All federal workers  and contractors who live paycheck to paycheck
  • Many more which will be listed below this post in comments

While too many uninformed Americans think a government shut down is a good thing because it is saving money, nothing could be further from the truth.   Shutdowns impact the Treasury in three ways:

  1. Employees eventually (already in this case) will get back pay for time not worked.
  2. Loss in revenue from collecting permits and fees
  3. Economic disruption on the economy as a whole

Although this shutdown is smaller in scope than the 2013 shutdown, its impact will be greater because the economy and government are bigger today.  Already estimates have the cost to be over 6 billion dollars, or more than his stupid unplanned and ever-changing wall.

In the end, it’s not about money, it’s about a despot wannabe trying to save face over a campaign slogan he misused about immigration.   “The wall” was supposed to be a metaphor for trying to stop illegal immigration but that was too much nuance for a fool who equates the invention of the wheel and the wall and doesn’t even get the history right.

Nancy Pelosi knows she can’t cave to his demand claiming it’s a national emergency and is right to do so, but selfishly part of me wishes she could.  Why?  Because it could set a precedent for the next Democratic President who could do the same for climate change and sensible gun regulations.  It’s a nice thought, but we do not want to go down that road.

Remember the Three Dog Night song “One Is The Loneliest Number“?  I’m willing to bet that after Michael Cohen appears before Congress, Individual 1 is going to be a lot lonelier than he was on Christmas Eve.

Happy belated New Year everyone!


127 thoughts on “Individual 1 hasn’t begun to feel lonely

  1. The Venezuela Myth Keeping Us From Transforming Our Economy

    What Is Different About Venezuela

    Venezuela’s problems are not the result of the government issuing money and using it to hire people to build infrastructure, provide essential services and expand economic development. If it were, unemployment would not be at 33 percent and climbing. Venezuela has a problem the U.S. does not, and will never have: It owes massive debts in a currency it cannot print itself, namely, U.S. dollars. When oil (its principal resource) was booming, Venezuela was able to meet its repayment schedule. But when the price of oil plummeted, the government was reduced to printing Venezuelan bolivars and selling them for U.S. dollars on international currency exchanges. As speculators drove up the price of dollars, more and more printing was required by the government, massively deflating the national currency.

    It was the same problem suffered by Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe, the two classic examples of hyperinflation typically raised to silence proponents of government expansion of the money supply before Venezuela suffered the same fate.

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    …The point of the resolution is not to propose specific, detailed policy prescriptions. What it does accomplish, though, is to lay out the enormous scale of the climate change problem — and, as a commensurate response, call for “a new national, social, industrial and economic mobilization on a scale not seen since World War II and the New Deal.”

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    In an extraordinary post to the online publishing platform Medium, Bezos said the Enquirer and its parent company, American Media Inc., made the threat after he began investigating how the tabloid obtained text messages that revealed his relationship with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez.

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    Green New Deal: Ocasio-Cortez unveils bold plan to fight climate change
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    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is releasing a broad outline of a vision for the Green New Deal, a plan to battle economic and racial injustice while also fighting climate change.

    The new congresswoman’s blueprint, to be made public today, does not set a date for phasing out fossil fuels. But it does aim to develop a carbon-neutral economy in 10 years, which would require huge strides in reducing the US’s reliance on oil and gas and coal. Specifically, the resolution says it is the duty of the federal government to craft a Green New Deal “to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions”. That includes getting all power from “clean, renewable and zero-emission energy sources”.

    The document also endorses universal healthcare, a jobs guarantee and free higher education – a huge shift in messaging from nearly a decade ago, when Democrats were advocating for a cap-and-trade system to limit greenhouse gases by allotting industry permits for pollution.

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    The president lied about abortion in the State of the Union.

    The State of the Union address on Tuesday night was, as expected, an interminable farrago of boasting, nativism, saccharine clichés and outright lies. Among the biggest of those lies were Donald Trump’s claims about third-trimester abortion.

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    Thank God for Canada!

    Our boring neighbor is a moral leader of the free world.

    Canada may be one of the world’s more boring countries, as yawn-inspiring as sensible shoes — wake up, reader, I know you’re snoozing!— but it’s also emerging as a moral leader of the free world.

    There’s no one else. The United States under President Trump is on a nationalist tear. Britain’s leaders seem determined to drag their people over a Brexit precipice. France is distracted by protests. Germany is preparing for succession.

    So Canada is stepping up.

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  8. A big winner: socialism.
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    As recently as two weeks ago, it wasn’t clear that this State of the Union was going to happen. Amid the government shutdown and continued brinkmanship between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump on funding for a partial border wall with Mexico, “will the State of the Union happen” became a major subplot, only resolved decisively when the shutdown ended on January 25, after 34 full days.

    But the government is only funded through February 15, and Trump used the speech to continue to press his case on the border wall, risking further confrontations and shutdowns in the future.

    Most of the speech, though, elided border issues. Here’s who came out ahead from the address, and who fell behind.

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  10. We may finally see Trump’s tax returns, and Republicans are panicking

    Washington is terribly divided these days, but there is at least one thing everyone — the Trump administration, members of Congress from both parties, journalists, cabdrivers — clearly agrees on: If the public ever got to see President Trump’s tax returns, it would be utterly disastrous for him.

    Though they haven’t done it yet, Democrats are planning to utilize a law allowing the House Ways and Means Committee to obtain any American’s tax returns to demand that the IRS turn them over. Once they have them, the committee can vote to release them to the entire House.

    Terrified of that prospect, the administration is preparing to do everything in its power to keep it from happening, as Politico’s Nancy Cook reports:

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    Under Trump, America is no longer in the top tier of democratic countries.

    Though still ranked as free, America now falls below not just Canada and the Nordic countries, but also Greece, Latvia and Mauritius. “The current overall U.S. score puts American democracy closer to struggling counterparts like Croatia than to traditional peers such as Germany or the United Kingdom,” the report said.

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    If Trump declares a national emergency, Pelosi can jam Republicans. Here’s how.

    Senate Republicans appear to be in a panic about President Trump’s threat to declare a national emergency to realize his unquenchable fantasy of a big, beautiful wall on the southern border. Republicans are reportedly worried that such a move could divide them, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has delivered that warning to Trump in private conversations.

    Republicans have good reason to be deeply nervous. Here’s why: According to one of the country’s leading experts on national emergencies, it appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) can trigger a process that could require the GOP-controlled Senate to hold a vote on such a declaration by Trump — which would put Senate Republicans in a horrible political position.

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    It’s time to reverse the extreme upward redistribution of the last 40 years.

    More often than not over the past 40 years, our government has helped the rich at the expense of everyone else. As a result, economic inequality has reached Gilded Age levels.

    . . .

    Over the sweep of history, the main reason that societies have declined, as the scholars Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson have written, is domination “by a narrow elite that have organized society for their own benefit at the expense of the vast mass of people.” The name of Acemoglu’s and Robinson’s book on this phenomenon is, “Why Nations Fail.”

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