Welcome U.K.!

Live365 has just entered into licensing agreements in the UK. Broadcasters and listeners in the UK now have access to the Live365 platform and can listen from the Live365 website. Updates to the mobile apps and other distribution methods are coming soon.

This expands the Live365 listenerverse which already covers the United States and Canada for paying royalties to artists and writers.

5 thoughts on “Welcome U.K.!

  1. Shindig!

    Billy Preston – Agent Double-O-Soul (Edwin Starr)
    Sept. 8, 1965 Final 60 Minute Show
    Season 1 #51 or #52

    Glen Campbell performs: The universal soldier Oct. 9, 1965 (Season 2 #8)

    “Serpents” – Sharon Van Etten
    mmm good : )
    a recurrent favorite, among many.
    Also lovin’ all the cover songs, not by the original artists.
    So many I’m hearing for the first time here on BRR.

    I Early Voted on Friday 10/26 and a poll worker said that all week long there was a huge number of people, over 500 on each day.

  2. Programming note. Last night at 7 p.m. Eastern, the server for BRR “had issues”, it wasn’t resolved until this morning. All should be back to normal. Thanks.

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