Minority rule will be its own downfall

Somehow,  just how I’m not sure , I started thinking long term about the prospect of a conservative Supreme Court.  Once I put out the fire on my head, my brain cooled down and my thinking cleared.  It helps that more is being reported about it now.

No doubt the 5-4 court will reek social and economic havoc on the country for decades, but if that’s what it takes to end minority rule so f–king be it.  It’s obvious we can’t stop Kavanaugh barring a miracle, so it’s time to start the long slog towards ending the sad situation of 18% of mostly rural Americans controlling who guides the ship of state thanks to gerrymandering in some key states.  Thinking longterm I see lots of things that are going to happen that this minority cannot control.

I wanted to talk about it somewhere outside the reach of Mark Zuckerberg’s attention grabbing machine,  in a place where privacy is respected and maintained and no algorithms sort the order of stories making you continuously feel a bit lost.

It’s a good time to get back to blogging.  WordPress has made a lot of good changes.  While I was and am happy with what it has become today, there is a lot more coming and soon.   I’ve built it so it remains to be seen if they will come.  (It also remains to be seen if I can do the tech.)

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19 thoughts on “Minority rule will be its own downfall

  1. @Cat Chew: “Slacker” must have
    been from 2008. I saw Sicko in a theatre 7/2007, but only found a Slacker DVD (97minutes), years later.

    Thanks for the heads up. Another nearby venue , along with
    The Hemmens that I have never been to.

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  3. @Jmach1P: This is the first I’ve heard of Slacker Uprising. Thanks much!

    Watched Kavanaugh with emotions ranging from rage to astonishment, mixed with vague yearnings to see Dave Thomas’ Bill Needle on SCTV.

  4. @chris:
    Since the days of Air America I’ve tried to see his work on the big screen in a movie house, then if available, later buy the dvd.
    I have an old VHS tape of “Tv Nation vol. 2” that I found used, that never was put out on dvd.
    Slacker Uprising I discovered long after it was out and was very pleased with his commentary on the Kent State / national guard
    horrific events in the spring of ’70

  5. @Jmach1P: Don’t give away the ending! ;-).

    I prefer to buy Moore’s movies because they are really documentaries and deserve multiple views.

    He had a great segment on Real Time last week. You can see it on YouTube by now.

  6. Fahrenheit 11/9 was / is another excellent film by Michael Moore, imo.
    Hopefully more people saw it on Friday & yesterday. There were only about 10 others with me this late afternoon.
    He does a very good job of connecting all the dots, going back generations, to show how dictators use fear to control the masses, and then proclaim themselves as the strong man who will save them.
    The creation of the Electoral College, an appeasement to rural states and the slave owners there, is included.

    He gives a hat tip the good guys: movements like “Occupy”,
    the Womens March, and the Parkland Fla. Students who are our best hope for the future. He insists that our goal of Democracy will not be achieved by just “Hope”, Action is required, continuously.

  7. I wish more Democrats would point out how the GOP had no problem delaying Garland nine months but fight any delay on BK like committing mortal sin. Time to change the process for selecting SCOTUS judges.

  8. It is frustrating as hell to see this BK v Dr. Ford situation teeter on the edge of cluster fuck b/c of the way the Democrats handled it and now she is delaying her response to appear.

    I’m sure she’s weighing her options and waiting to see what BK’s team is doing but it’s giving the advantage to the accused and the MSM is not doing her any favors in their quest to fill the 24 hour news cycle.

  9. @Crank Bait: There is direction, but it’s going in the wrong direction. From what I see today, the SCOTUS has its foot on the throat of organized labor and BK would be killing blow. So, what I’m inferring is this will be the breaking point that will ignite a labor revival.

    We’ve already seen this with all the teacher strikes. Hell, even McDonald’s workers are walking off the job.

    The GOP leader really is making America great again, just not in the way he meant.

  10. @chris:

    You mentioned worker’s rights.

    The times, they might be a-changin’…but I don’t see any movement currently happening in the direction of labor unions.

    I don’t know how worker’s rights can improve and labor rates can increase without a negotiating body that has the power to stop the machines.


  11. @Jmach1P: That is my hope too but I accept the fact that ND, WV and IN will surely vote for Kavanaugh unless Collins and Murkowski vote for women’s rights like they should.

    The reality, as I see it, is we need to keep as many Democrats in office as we can. Sure they will make some votes we don’t like, like Kavanaugh, but they will be there for big votes like Medicare for all.

    When I look longterm, I see some major changes thanks to the demographic shift and the rise of all women into the political arena.

    Even if the Democrats take back both houses in November, the renegade SCOTUS will still make some very bad decisions that attack voting rights, worker’s right and women’s rights. While they could get away with that somewhat in the past, it’s not going to fly this time.

    The majority of Americans will not be represented by the conservative SCOTUS. They will vote in super majorities in both houses that will pass legislation the SCOTUS will have to “protect and defend”. If the SCOTUS doesn’t want to do their job just as the current GOP Congress doesn’t want to do theirs, well then we just might be seeing the impeachment of some or all of the conservative justices.

    It’s all contingent on the Democrats keeping control of the House.

    We can do this thing.

  12. @chris:
    I hope the GOP looses women like the Dems, regreatably, lost the south for many genetations.
    I would still prefer that all Dems, and a few Repubs., vote NO on
    Kavanaugh, and hold the seat open, like McConnell did.
    Let the next Dem Prez. fill the seat that should have been filled
    by Obama.

  13. Everyone keeps saying we’ve lost the SCOTUS for a generation but there’s another side to this. Once they overturn Roe the GOP is going to lose women’s votes for a generation or more.

  14. I haven’t seen any reporting or articles discussing the blowback that is going to come from the hard right leaning SCOTUS. To think people are just going to shrug their shoulders and take it, is naive. Even I don’t think that.

    Think about a world without Roe?

    Think about the new America where whites are a minority?

    Think about the frustration voters are going to have when they all realize we are living in minority rule?

    Think about the anger when even more Americans are stripped of their Constitutional right to vote?

    In reference to the prior post on Aretha, you gotta think.

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