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  1. @chris: @Crank Bait:

    Because The Wayback Machine does not have most of the many comments pages from Proligarchy, mostly the last / most recent page of each Topic thread, I have been posting some saved pages
    from the final thread. Also in the 5 comments of mine are most of the Thread Headings Listed by year.

    proligarchy-blog.html <

  2. @Crank Bait: To tell the truth, I’ve been to this blog as much as I wasn’t at proligarchy but I’ve been wanting to try and attract some traffic.

    FB and Twitter have their attractions but both are increasingly beginning to feel like swimming in a fancy cesspool. It’s not all the folks who I’m glad have chosen to friend or follow me, it’s the inability of either platform to deal with conservative crybabies and trolling Russian teddy bears.

    One would think the power of free speech would be enough to police itself, but that only works in a perfect world and a level playing field and we sadly have neither of those things.

    A world without snark? I hope not.

  3. Only moments have passed and I already regret my snarkiness.

    I was aware that Proligarchy died because I watched it die and was subsequently redirected to Blue Roots Radio.

    You (Chris) are not deserving of snark.

    I have consciously avoided contributing to online snark (except as an element in a joke) with the exception of outing Alex Jonesian shitheads who tried to, and succeeded in, killing Sam Seder’s Majority Report blog with absurd conspiracy nonsense.

    [Oh, and with the additional exception of shitting on the stray troll…which is an urge I no longer suffer.]

    I regret having acted out of character back then but I do not regret the attempt to shoo-away the crazies before they shooed-away sane blog participants who engaged in thoughtful discourse. I’d do it again if I did not already know that it failed to work.

    So…please accept my apology for the aforementioned snark.

    You don’t need snark and I do not want to direct snark at you.

    There are plenty of others deserving castigation.

  4. @chris:

    Yes, some Great music.
    It was played throughout Chicagoland on many stations AM & FM
    during my whole life.
    An amazing voice with great backing arrangements.
    Within the last week I viewed her performances on “Shindig”
    12/2/1964, & 1/27/1965 for the first time.
    I also discovered Glen Campbell was a regular on that show for a while.

  5. Some of my favorites in no particular order as they all can be #1:

    (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
    Baby I Love You
    Border Song [Holy Moses]
    Chain Of Fools [Unedited Album Version]
    I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)
    Spanish Harlem
    The Right Time
    The Weight

  6. Aretha was a major influence of my musical life. I was barely a teenager when she started booming out of my transistor radio. She improved every genre of music she touched and raised my awareness not only of music but the human condition. She will always be respected.

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