23 April 2018 – The Age of Disruptor Presidents

Obama broke the mold of the elder statesman or party darling when he became the candidate for President in 2008.  Trump took the same process down the low road to run over the GOP in 2016.  We now live in the age of the Disruptor Candidate.  The first was pro-democracy, the second was a closet authoritarian.  Which road will the third disruptor candidate take?

12 thoughts on “23 April 2018 – The Age of Disruptor Presidents

  1. @Crank Bait: I wish I’d never said “Trump makes me long for the Bush years…” That’s bullshit, I would never want to go back and relive those 8 years.

    How did we as a society get so unimaginative? We’re too intellectually lazy to formulate new thoughts about the present so we have to try and bend it to be some distorted repeat of the past?

    Is that what we’ve become?

  2. Chris,

    I vigorously agree with you that the administrations of Nixon and Trump are very different in many aspects including the differences in the GOP separated by 45 years.

    It amuses me, though, when I hear an echo of Nixon-era support rattling around in my head.

    Like this one, “China diplomacy!” Or this one, “The EPA!”

    My guess is that it is mathematically impossible for a presidential term to have nothing of value to society in it. Even if the planet collapses under Trump, someone (coughing through the ashes) will say, “At least he brought North Korea to the table.”

    Just as a negative cannot be proved, it is impossible to cite the positive actions of an administration that never existed because a Nixon or a Trump was elected instead. We are unable to compare what if to what is but it sure would be cool to know how it would have played out.

  3. @Crank Bait: Has Ann Coulter stuck to her condemnation of Trump? Or Alex Jones for that matter? I know they are just the public figures milking this for whatever reason but what we don’t know a lot about are the rank and file voters.

    I imagine it’s a sizable number but we don’t know because people are ashamed to admit they voted for Trump.

    Goverment-wise there are differences between the two despite the one common thread of disdain for the DoJ. Nixon signed the EPA into law, Trump put a time bomb in the driver’s seat for example.

  4. @Chris:

    I was referencing the many Nixon supporters on the Right who eventually turned on him as (somewhat) analogous to the Conservatives who have been Never Trumpers or who have soured on Trump or who will be souring on Trump.

    Rubin and Wilson were early birds. There are plenty more. Some of them are or will be outspoken. The rest of them have found or will find a sudden urge to spend more time with their families.

  5. Never mind. The missing comma threw me off in a list that began with a last name (Rubin).
    Jennifer Rubin.
    Rick Wilson.
    Richard Painter.

  6. @Crank Bait: Rick Wilson and Richard Painter. I find it fascinating to read or hear conservatives bashing Trump. David Frum too. Thing is eventually they have to admit to endorsing in a former time some of the same shit Trump is doing today. Nicole Wallace is big time guilty of that.

    BUT! We all make mistakes and if we’re honest about it grow into something better.

  7. Outside a handful of original thinkers, like Charlier Pierce and a whole host conservatives (Rubin, Wilson Painter) it seems everyone in the media is beating the same old presidential campaign drum.

    It’s obvious to me there’s been a sea change in how Americans think about the presidency. This article in WaPo was used heavily in this podcast.

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