15 April 2018 – Progamming Update for BRR

Hard to believe a year has already passed since the good folks at Live365 found a way to resurrect internet radio for the masses.  In that time BRR has run mostly in “AutoDJ” mode because with the eclectic nature of this station, there’s nothing you can do wrong.

Except one thing.

That thing is playing a lot of “twin spins” or the same song twice in a row.  It’s recently become a bit of a nuisance, and for that reason, I’m starting to program content much like BRR on the original Live365.  It kicks off today April 15th at 2p.m. EDT.  There will still be some AutoDJ playing, but only as needed to meet the requirements for DMCA.

So, if you do hear a song or station ID repeat, please click “About/Contact” on the menubar above and send me an email with the name of the song and the time it played twice.  Please include your time zone or difference to GMT.

Thanks so much for listening!

14 thoughts on “15 April 2018 – Progamming Update for BRR

  1. I really need more music from space.

    European Space Agency, ESA
    Published on Jul 21, 2018
    On 20 July 2018 around 21:50 local time, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst welcomed the legendary electronic band Kraftwerk and 7500 visitors to the Jazz Open Festival on Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz – live from the International Space Station, where he will live and work until mid-December 2018. During the call with space, Kraftwerk founding member Ralf Hütter and Alexander played a special duet version of the track Spacelab, for which Alexander had a tablet computer configured with virtual synthesizers on board. With thanks to Kraftwerk for sharing this video footage.

  2. It’s a death match between Articles I and II vs Article III now. Only super majorities in both houses and the WH will be able to subdue a rabid SCOTUS.

    If the GOP gets their wish of a lapdog SCOTUS, this country will become so ugly, only the ugliest will want to live here.

    Shit looks bad, but it’s not the first time. I’m concerned but also excited to see how this all gets shut down in time.

  3. https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a21969972/anthony-kennedy-retire-supreme-court-republicans-democracy/

    Everything’s Up for Grabs Now. What Will Stop Them from Taking It?
    Conservative Republicans have succeeded in every assault on democracy. That includes hijacking the Supreme Court.

    JUN 27, 2018

    …Let us pause here for a moment and give thanks once again to those brave voices of The Left who would not be cowed by the extortionate pleadings of Hillary Rodham Clinton to remember the importance of the Supreme Court while casting their precious vanity ballots in November of 2016. Well done, dilettantes. In fact, I’m already half-nauseated by the barely concealed glee of the television pundits over what I am sure will be the political Gotterdammerung of a nomination process. The gorge rises like Vesuvius unbound when I hear people talk about what the Republicans want, and what the Democrats will do, and if somebody mentions Robert Bork any time in the next 15 minutes, I am going to eat a staple-gun…

    Anyway, everything’s up for grabs now, if Justice Samuel Alito’s casual detonation of 40 years of precedent in Wednesday’s majority opinion in Janus is any indication. Roe, and then Griswold, are in range. The very idea of a national healthcare system is running scared. Reform of our cash-drunk campaign finance system now looks as distant as the mountains of the moon. Obergefell carries a bullseye—the next court is odds-on to find religious liberty exceptions to every law, including gravity and certain parking regulations—and so do Miranda and, what the hell, Brown v. Board.

    Why not? What’s out there to stop them now? Just this week, they’ve written religious bigotry and legislative ratfcking into the Constitution and converted the United States into a right-to-work country. Millions of people are going to have their lives made harder by the events of the past week. In that context, musings on political strategery seem viciously beside the point.

  4. Is this thing on? It is for the moment.


    Republicans Can Take Some Time Off. The Supreme Court Just Did Their Job for Them.
    The decision to crush public-sector unions concludes a term of relentless conservative judicial activism.

    JUN 27, 2018

    …(This is why I am not as sanguine as some people are that it would have made any difference whether Obama nominated an uncomfirmable liberal instead of an unconfirmable centrist. But at least the fight would have been worth it. Neither would it have made a difference in the 2016 presidential campaign, either. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign kept pounding on the importance of the courts while leftier-than-thou purists accused her of “extortion” for doing so. God, I continue to hate every damn second of that election.)…

  5. @Jmach1P: That whole album is just as good which is why it’s uploaded in the library on the server as is most of her songs. You know, her dad Gene, wrote the massive hit Snowbird? Talent runs deep in the MacLellan clan.

  6. @Jmach1P: I noticed a couple instances of the signal dropping around that time and wasn’t sure if it was the system or a problem on my end. Their servers may be getting stressed during peak demand hours maybe?

    That song was by the trio that goes by “I’m With Her”. Sarah Watkins, Sarah Jaroz and Aoife O’Donnovan. Don’t check my spelling on these names. 😉

  7. Yes, I tuned in about 4:10 pm CT
    during the “. . . Husband” song by “I’m With Her” ?
    the audio became muted while playing.
    I had to close, and restart my player.
    No problems for the last 2 & 1/4 hours,

  8. Whew, the first pass of the first show was not without some “excitement”. I had at least 3 glaring errors and there was some interruption in the signal, at least on my end. The 7 pm rerun should go a lot smoother. In the meantime there will be 60 minutes of AutoDJ.

    Back to programming.

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