23 March 2018 – Bolton down the hatches

This is McNuts

America’s worst nightmare came true yesterday when we learned national security security advisor Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster is leaving.  Replacing him will the be the mustachioed and verbally abusive asshole John Bolton who embarrassed the country as George W. Bush’s U.N. ambassador.   Now that Rex Tillerson has been replaced with Mike Pompeo, the White House has filled up its security team with warmonger blowhards.  Evidently the White House thinks this will scare N. Korea into submission when it has its meeting with  North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un later this year.  Reports of how that meeting went will soon follow.

The National Security Advisor is supposed to provide advice and oversee the National Security Council ensuring the White House gets a well rounded view from all sides and given a fair hearing, both skills Bolton sorely lacks.  Bolton, who still thinks invading Iraq was a good move believes bombing is the solution to everything whether its conventional bombing in Iran or nuking North Korea.  Why he was picked is testimony to a string of poor White House decisions because Bolton has never been right and is just as consistent in attacking anyone who disagrees with him.

Fear not good people, Defense Secretary James Mattis will not suffer White House fools and their childish ways.

Guess who Dowd out?

Lead criminal lawyer John Dowd resigned evidently exhausted of having his advice constantly ignored.  This apparently completes the removal of anyone guilty of telling  Trump something he didn’t want to hear and now he claims he’s liberated and will start running the White House like his company, which would be into the ground.  He’s also considering throwing Ty Cobb out because he’s tired of hearing Mueller’s investigation is almost over, which was an attempt by Cobb to keep Donnie’s smudgy little fingers from blowing up Twitter with adolescent adages.

Dowd had advised to be less aggressive towards Mueller and also thought it was a bad idea for dotard to sit down with Mueller.  That really didn’t make sense since the alternative would be to testify under oath. and still feel like he could mean-talk Mueller on Twitter.

The House of Cards Intelligence Committee finally crumbled

The Republicans on the House Intelligence committee released a summary of their forthcoming report on Russia’s election tampering which pretty much states the White House walks on water and is innocent of anything past, present and future.  On a side note, the Surgeon General had to be called in to pull Devin Nunes’ head out of Donald’s derriere.

Trump Trade War Tanks Market

The White House announcement calling for $50 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese Imports sent the Dow tumbling 700 points leaving conservatives trying to blame the fall on the budget bill.  In short, nobody wins, everybody loses and all the Tweets in the world can’t fix it.

Meanwhile the administration added four more countries to the “Exempt List” from having to pay the import tariffs as Australia, Argentina, Brazil and South Korea joined the European Union, Canada and Mexico.  Didn’t this whole tariff thing start out as there would be no exceptions?

The Senate Slides Past a Shutdown

Early this morning the Senate passed the $1.3T omnibus spending package despite last minute theatrics by frustrated thespian Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Mr. Zuckerberg goes to Washington 

The House Energy and Commerce Committee will be first to question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the data it gave to Cambridge Analytica that was used by the Trump campaign to target Facebook users.  The Democrats wanted to hold their own hearing but Republicans voted that down and instead voted to end their Russian investigation.  All this after Zuckerberg admitted a more regulated Facebook might be a good thing.

Wisconsin GOP Governor’s Hands Slapped Again

This time by a Wisconsin judge who ordered Scott Walker to call special elections that should have been held but weren’t for fear the blue wave would  wash over Wisconsin.

4 thoughts on “23 March 2018 – Bolton down the hatches

  1. John Bolton worked with Cambridge Analytica on YouTube voter experiment

    Trump’s new national security adviser appeared in videos for experiment targeting videos to different ‘psychographic’ profiles

    Donald Trump’s new national security adviser John Bolton collaborated with the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica on an experiment to target YouTube videos to different “psychographic” profiles of US voters, the Guardian can reveal.

    Who is John Bolton, Trump’s new national security adviser?
    Read more
    The project, to explore how different types of political campaign ads would resonate with an electorate divided into different personality types, involved Bolton appearing, on-screen, endorsing candidates in New Hampshire, North Carolina and Arkansas in the run-up to the 2014 midterms.

    Details of the project are contained in emails obtained in the Guardian. They shed light on an earlier report published on Friday in the New York Times, which identified Bolton, who was appointed by Trump on Thursday, as an early beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica’s controversial Facebook data.

    In an email about the 2014 collaboration with the John Bolton Super Pac, Robert Murtfeld, a Cambridge Analytica executive, described the video project as having “used our psychographic data to create ads targeting people based on their personalities”.

    Bolton, a national security hawk, adopts significantly different tones in the videos, depending on the personalities of the voters the videos were targeted at. The voters were partitioned according to personality analysis conducted by Cambridge Analytica.

    “This was the first real results that we had, where you could say: this works,” one source with knowledge of the video-testing said. “You could see the difference between a control group and our targeted messaging, and the uplift was huge.”

    The company has long claimed to be able to divide voters according to the “Big Five” psychological traits – openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism – and the experiment reveals how the company seeks to do that that.

    “This ad targets people high in neuroticism, who tend to be anxious and to see the world as a dangerous place,” Murtfield says in the email, linking to an ad which opens with Bolton looking at the camera saying “terrorists love porous borders”.


  2. Man, no sooner do I post this and I see breaking news Trump may not sign the budget bill because it wasn’t tough enough on immigration!

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