22 March 2018 – Shutting down a government shutdown

Odds are a government shutdown can be avoided but who knows what chaos will come from the White House at the last minute to blow it all up? Speaking of which, the Austin bombing ordeal is hopefully over. New questions arise if former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s firing over lack of candor was not fueled by his investigation of the same on the man who fired him, Jared Kushner has been found in the pocket of the Saudi Crown Prince and Facebook is all zucked-up.

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The Spending Bill that passes like a kidney stone

As usual and down to the wire Congress is creating high drama about avoiding the dreaded government shutdown.  As far as the bill goes it’s more about what’s not in it:

For the left:  Dreamer protection,  stabilizing Obamacare or anything to protect Mueller

For the right:  No border security, no concealed carry reciprocity, no Planned Parenthood defunding and no action on sanctuary cities.

Not so bad things in the bill:

  • Only $1.6B instead of Trump’s wanted $25B for the border wall
  • $680M for election protection
  • $4.7B to fight the opioid epidemic
  • Pay raises for the military
  • Modest improvements to the existing national background check system.  Who’s happy?  Democrats say they are feeling good having accomplished many goals.  Who’s sad? The House Freedom Caucus but that’s always the case.  Who’s screwed?  Us mainly. Why? Once again a 2,000 plus page bill is going to get rammed through with no time for scrutiny.

More on McCabe

The ongoing soap opera in the Justice Department unfolded a new twist when we learned, or were reminded, that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe oversaw a criminal investigation into Jeff Sessions which focused on Sessions’ lack of candor during his testimony to Congress about his contact with Russian Individuals.  Well now? Was that investigation on Sessions mind when he fired McCabe?  Sessions legal team won’t say but they did say Sessions is not under investigation by Mueller for perjury.  Too bad being a two-faced racist isn’t a crime.

Whitehouse Scuttlebutt Department

Will Kellyanne Conway replace Hope Hicks as an interim White House Communications director.  Does anyone care?  Only if it creates a possibility of her getting fired for screwing up and making Trump look worse.

Austin Update

As we know, the bomber blew himself up and hopefully did not plant the 6th bomb he reported had made as was found recorded on his phone.  Which wasn’t blown up in the blast?  His Google history showed he was still searching for other Austin addresses.

And once again a white mass murderer is being described not as a terrorist but a troubled young man.

Facebook is Zucked

Finally breaking his silence FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg posting a lengthy post on his platform accepting responsibility but lacked any apology.  Several reforms were offered but nothing that can fix the irreparable damage done to American democracy or the broken friendships that happened because some people were brainwashed by false ads and news stories.

Why Jared Kushner never should have had  access to Classified Information

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has reported bragged that Kushner was in his pocket because Kushner shared information he may have learned from classified information about Saudis who were disloyal to the crown prince which led to the massive anti corruption sweep that locked up dissenters in a Ritz Carlton.

From the throwaway news department

Starbucks is offering  $10M for ideas how to make better and even more recyclable cups.  Here’s a free idea give away free reusable cups.


The drama of the PA 18th district is over and official.  Democrat Conor Lamb has been declared winner by virtue of a landslide squeaker by winning in  district that swung Republican by 20 points in 2016.

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  1. @Crank Bait: I know but I just read on Twitter something that will bring us all some comfort. Bolton will not pull any shit as long as Mattis is around.

    Sorry about having OK your post. It’s a one time thing.

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been too busy to check in at Proligarchy this evening. It’s hard running a one man media empire. 😉

  2. Congress quietly preserves ability to pay sexual harassment settlements with taxpayer money

    Sen. Gillibrand said her legislation to reform the process was cut “at the last minute.”

    U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) listens during a news conference in December 2017 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Credit: Alex

    An overhaul of Capitol Hill’s workplace misconduct system is in jeopardy and likely won’t be attached to a government spending bill this week, diminishing the likelihood of reform before the midterm elections, according to Politico.

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who introduced the bipartisan Congressional Harassment Reform Act last December, said on Monday that House and Senate leadership “stripped” provisions from the language from the spending bill at the eleventh hour.


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