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  1. @Cat Chew: I see now what was happening, you were on the “Under Construction” post. One way to get back to the most current post is to jump to the top and click the BRR Logo in Mire’s beautiful NOLA tree shot.

    I guess even easier is to hit the Home link in the menu bar.

  2. @Cat Chew: I just changed the “Recent Comments” widget to one that show the comment contents vs. the old one that showed the post title. That’s the source of confusion. I should keep and post a “Change Log”.

  3. @chris: No, it was me forgetting how this stuff works. My usual way in is to click on the most recent comments in the sidebar. New post, no comments yet. D’oh!

  4. @Cat Chew: It’s always going to be me. Not sure why there’s no comment box on the main page but you should notice that I changed the color of the post title to a “link blue” and added a comment at the bottom of the post you need to click the title to comment. Thinking now that tip should be at the top maybe?

    Thanks for that link on how to delete completely. That I didn’t know. I only knew about deactivating.

  5. You might have an idea how I feel about the internet giants. I didn’t know you could delete your Facebook account, but The Guardian has this: How to protect your Facebook privacy – or delete yourself completely . Mine was hacked years ago and I can’t verify by birthday because I gave them a fake one (I can’t remember whose, Elvis or Nixon perhaps) and then changed the year because I was annoyed by all the ads for adult diapers, so no permanent way out. Hadn’t seen the Vanity Fair article yet but am reading it in a few.
    I’m not seeing a comment box on the new post. Is it me or is it you?

  6. With all the crap that’s come to light on FB lately I’ve decided I want to reopen this blog for discussion. There’s a lot of reasons but for me all the improvements WordPress has made in the past few years makes it a no brainer. I just can’t, in good conscience, use FB until they get their shit together. I’ll be talking about this in the first blog post coming up in a few days to a week.

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