3 thoughts on “Never give up hope

  1. @Peggy Sue: Happy New Year to you too!

    Still too soon to tell if it’s gonna happen. I checked yesterday and there had been a little work done to the website but no new announcement. My big concern is how are they going to handle royalties which was the reason everything ended last year thanks to the Copyright Protection Board, or whatever it’s called.

    I remember that poem! Years ago I was reading an article by Rebecca Solnit who said something that struck me as being most profound, that was “Hope is the absence” of fear. I don’t know if she was quoting someone else but that remained burned in my brain.

    The family is all good, hope the same with you and yours.

    I wasn’t sure the “system” was still working as this website has been neglected for the past year and I recently dove in and made some major changes. It’s good to know the posts are still be sent out. Thanks for keeping it touch! Time to go now..

    Way up on the hill where they do do the boogie!

  2. Happy New Year, Chris!
    Peggy Sue in WV

    One of my favorite poems is about hope, and part of it goes
    something like this –
    “Hope is the thing with feathers
    that perches in the soul
    and sings the tune without the words
    and never stops at all.” – from Emily Dickinson poem

    Too bad we don’t agree on politics.
    I still love you and wish that you and your family
    be showered with blessings
    as we start this new year.
    You will always be my best friend from back in the good ole days.

    Play some John Hartford and smile!

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