Rising from the ashes

Update March 23 –

We’ve been added to the TuneIn network. You can go to the site or get the app and listen to BRR in all kinds of places, like Roku, Amazon Firestick, the smartphone app etc.

OK, 24 hr programming is now streaming. Just a heads up, there will be 4 minutes of commercials per hour but I put them in two 2 minute blocks so you only get interrupted twice an hour. To compensate I’m dropping the blah blah blah a lot and just doing a station ID expect when I really have something to say.

Listeners in the United States can use this button.

Listeners in Canada and beyond can use this link


You can click it to open a mini play in your browser or if you use iTunes, open iTunes and click File|Open Stream and paste the link in the edit box. I apologize for the hassle.

Never give up hope

There was a great surprise last week in my inbox. Live365, which I’d completely given up on, is back. They are saying they will soon be back in operation. There aren’t a lot of details, and all that can be done at this time is to ask to be put on the waiting list.

So we wait.