This site is for BlueRootsRadio and it’s podcast In The Memetimes. Please leave your comments here for general questions, but use any of the blog posts on the Home page for general discussion of BRR or IMT. Of course you can use the email link below if that works better for you.

If you’d like to join, email me at the address below.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Doug Goolsby, I am your cousin. I can’t figure out how to register for the Celtic Stream or bluerootsradio. I see the login prompt but no “register here” link. I love the music stream.
    Hope to see you at the reunion this fall. Paulette

  2. @PauletteShorty: Paulette, sorry about not being able to register. I leave it off most of the time until someone, like you, wants to sign up. It is on now and I let Doug know about your post. Thanks for connecting!

  3. Hook me up with a signon linky or I’ll have my son date your daughter.

    Lughnut from the twittersphere.

    Oh and I’m Scottish god damnit.

  4. Hey Brent,

    It’s been a while since I set up an new user and of course there have been some changes. Hope you got all the right logon info, if not email me or message via Twitter

  5. Hi Chris,
    Just want to make sure you heard – Lucile Lough has passed. The visitation and funeral are tomorrow. Look for the obituary in today’s Clarksburg Exponent Telegram
    She died on Sept. 7th in Scottsdale, Arizona, at age 92. One of the best people in the world.
    So blessed,

  6. @Peggy Sue: You are so right, she was as near to perfect human being I ever met. Who is living in Scottsdale now. I’m surprised she would leave WV.

    Thanks for letting me know. Drop me an email sometime and let me know how you are and what you’re up to.

  7. Hello, I thought you’d like to know that you mispelled the word “comming” on your website. I’ve had similar mistakes on my site that keep cropping up so I now use a site like SpellingScan.com to keep them off. -Scott


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