Rising from the ashes

Update March 23 –

We’ve been added to the TuneIn network. You can go to the site or get the app and listen to BRR in all kinds of places, like Roku, Amazon Firestick, the smartphone app etc.

OK, 24 hr programming is now streaming. Just a heads up, there will be 4 minutes of commercials per hour but I put them in two 2 minute blocks so you only get interrupted twice an hour. To compensate I’m dropping the blah blah blah a lot and just doing a station ID expect when I really have something to say.

Listeners in the United States can use this button.

Listeners in Canada and beyond can use this link


You can click it to open a mini play in your browser or if you use iTunes, open iTunes and click File|Open Stream and paste the link in the edit box. I apologize for the hassle.

8 thoughts on “Rising from the ashes”

  1. Just had to mention again that I’m glad BRR is back. I just did the binge thing. Five hours of eclectic and delightful suits me. Thanks! And here’s hoping Live365 stays healthy.

  2. @chris: It’s not illegal, immoral or fattening, and I’m gonna indulge.
    Hey, you got a new playlist already? 🙂

  3. @Cat Chew: I’ve put up 7 more hours worth of music this weekend and would like to get at least 20 more in the next couple days. I’m going to put it on autopilot so you will get lots of music, 4 minutes of commercials per hour and short station breaks 20 seconds or less.

    To put in in context, I’ve uploaded 1Gb of music. I have 25 available with the plan I’m on, so look out, there will be more music than ever before. Trying to figure out how I can keep track of it with the tools I currently have. They are making improvement by the day so it’s a real adventure at this point.


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