July 25 / 25 juillet

The newest BRR show kicked off at 6 pm EDT tonight (Friday). I didn’t realize as I was building the show how many new songs were in it. There’s a bunch.

My week was jostled a bit and I stitched the show together on Thursday instead of the usual Friday. I liked the way it turned out which tells me I should break the routine I’ve been using. I always tell people “change is good”. I need to practice what I preach. ;-)

July 23rd / 23 juillet

It turns out all the problems I talked about below were only experienced by listeners in the greater Columbus, OH area. While that’s not a good thing, I’m glad the problem was limited and everyone else listened error free.

I’ve decided, with Doug’s approval, to rerun last week’s show this coming weekend to allow more listeners a chance to hear it. I’ll listen again because every time I listen to Celtic music I feel better. It also gives Doug more time to get the next show together.

One thing about Celtic music, especially for Americans, it is rooted in so much of the music we love i.e. the music played here. I’m really glad Doug is giving his time to create a top notch show to show us our roots.

Just a little tip while I’m thinking about it. Live365 did a major overhaul on their website and they totally changed the schedule page. Here’s a hot tip when you get to the new Schedule page click the box for “Full Schedule”. It will all make sense once you do.

On the new music front, I received the new Chris Smither double CD “Still On The Levee” in the mail today. It’s a celebration of 5 decades of the New Orleans born, Boston honed one-of-a-kind-skilled-guitarist singer songwriters. It was pure hell trying to decide which 3 songs I was going to play in the next show. Also new this week, and equally hard to choose which songs to play, will be songs from the new John Hiatt album “Terms of My Surrender”. I also realized today I haven’t been keeping up with Rodney Crowell’s “Tarpaper Sky” which I am fixing this week.

I know the world seems to be getting crazier everyday, and there’s nothing I can do about that, but remember you can always find relief with some good music here or on your own iPod, radio or hi-tech home entertainment system. Personally I like to play an instrument to relieve the stresses of life in the 21st century. I recently bought a banjo because I wanted something to “frail” on. That’s the technique where you hammer downwards on the strings with no picks. Some folks call it “oldtimey” but it’s an art form all it’s own. Anyway, one of the first songs to come out of the thing was “Ode to Joy”. Yes, Beethoven on the banjo. Hey, Pete Seeger did it first so it has to be OK. OK? ;-) No matter your state of mind, Ode to Joy will make you feel as good as you’re gonna feel all day.

Thanks for listening and reading the blog, makes my day when you do.


July 20th -

I don’t want to jinx it, but it appears the Live365 server problems yesterday are resolved. FYI, this website is not the physical home of the BlueRootsRadio station, the station is at Live365 which hosts thousands of stations for folks from around the world. This website is the licensing agent for ASCAP/BMI/SEASAC which pays the royalties to the artists this station plays because the artists deserve it. As Doug would say, “Ya gots to pay the piper!” ;-)

July 19th -

Programming Note

I’m terribly sorry for the transmission difficulties we’re having today, the problem is not with your computer/TV/smartphone but with the server at Live365 that houses BlueRootsRadio.

This happens maybe once a year, that it had to happen right before Doug’s show is particularly troubling. At this point it’s unknown when the problem will be resolved. Sometimes it takes them a day or longer and sometimes it clears up in a few hours.

In addition to the replay Sunday at 12 p.m. EDT, I will replay The Celtic Stream again. Doug will contact his listeners directly to let them know the time and I will post it here as well.

Again, I apologize…


July 17th -

Doug Goolsby host of The Celtic stream.

Doug Goolsby host of The Celtic stream.

Doug is back from his Scotland vacation and has prepared a special show for The Celtic Stream this week. He will be featuring some of the music he collected on the trip. The show will air: Saturday 2 p.m. EDT and Sunday Noon EDT.

A big welcome to all Doug and Joan’s fellow tour mates who’ll be tuning in!

To listen just click either the Popup player or the “Listen at Live365″ player on the right. →

FYI. . .

From time to time all websites go down. As a permanent fix you can bookmark http://www.live365.com/stations/bluerootsradio this link in your browser to the station’s page at Live365.

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